Lakeside sauna

Authentic Finnish sauna experience

An old, wooden sauna building, Rantasauna Radalla, is located on the lakebank of Urajärvi in the hotel courtyard.

The building has two saunas with showers and dressing rooms, a lounge with a fireplace as well as toilet facilities. The smaller sauna is for 4 persons and the bigger one is for 10 persons.

There is a private beach with swimming possibilities all year round.

Access to the lakeside sauna facilities is included in the accommodation price.

Tepee sauna

A wooden tepee sauna heated with wood and a tepee with a fire place are located on the lakebank of Urajärvi close to the hotel building.

You can rent the lakeside sauna for private use

  • two saunas and a sauna lounge with a fire place
  • incl. towels for 10 persons
Hotel Radalla rantasauna

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